The Throw Up Wars

From the Boston Globe today:

“Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, who has made his conservative stance on religious and social issues one of the centerpieces of his Republican presidential campaign, today questioned the idea of a complete separation of church and state. Santorum stood by comments he made last year when he said after reading President John F. Kennedy’s famous 1960 speech about the separation of church and state, “I almost threw up.””

It must be hard for Rick Santorum to hold down his vomit, what with his hallucinations (yes, this isn’t fair to real hallucinators, I know) as he not only hates Jeffersonian democracy, but he is now seeing Nazis everywhere. Hyperbole at the vomitorium fails in these times.

Meanwhile the very church that Santorum would like to impose into our legislative system is still unraveling it’s history of official complicity with organized child molestation.

Pass the ipecac.