On Being a Snob

Rick Santorum says President Obama is a “snob” for encouraging Americans to go to college. In a nation where only 30% of the population has a bachelor’s degree, the President’s aspiration for the American people is more than a liberal fantasy, it’s a necessary ambition for this country in a new and competitive century. I make my living by teaching in a university and according to Santorum that makes me a snob by association. I believe that education is the single best tool for advancement. If you parse Santorum’s assertion he’s really saying just what the GOP has been working on for over twenty years: the middle class should just lie down and die and the poor should stay poor. Poor Santorum: he hates the work ethic along with gay people, women, and Jeffersonian democracy. Of course the definition of a snob is someone who believes his tastes are superior to those of other people, which makes Santorum an ignorance snob.