Ending the "R" Word

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Spread The Word To End ‘R-Word’ Day Gains Supporters, Momentum
March 7, 2012

MASON CITY, IOWA– [Excerpt] There’s a new campaign that is picking up speed. It’s called “Spread the Word to End the Word”.

It’s an on-going effort that is educating people on how hurtful the words “retard” or “retarded” can be, and that message is being heard all around the nation. We caught up with some folks locally who are happy to see the “R” word go away.

“It makes you sick.”
“It’s not really that nice to call people that.”
“It’s hurtful when people hear that.”

The reactions to the word “retarded” are pretty strong with this group.

Lisa Yunek, whose daughter Alecia has Down syndrome said, “no one ever means anything good when they say you are a retard.”

That’s because they have all had some sort of personal experience with it

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