Wrong World Right



By Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay

Austin, Texas


To think about it November holds many kinds of possibilities.

One such possibility is the manifestation of my long held wish. It is a wish of the sky turning green or at least peacock blue for those who still hold a conservative outlook.

It is no doubt that the sky had the opportunity to remain blue since the days of Adam. Blue and blue. Only blue.

Its like a world filled with typical people and only typical people. The world needed some changes. Thus came with a fresh air – a generation of Autistic people so that the world wouldn’t be so same and so always Right and so boring.

And so in my wish, the sky too needs a repainting for a change.

I could have proposed an ox blood red but I think I wouldn’t find many supporters to back my message or wish. The yellow sun shining through an ox blood sky could be a perfect sight to look around this November to begin with. Perhaps the sunset can have a blue sky for the Right reasons!

That can give the weather scientists many possibilities to do their research on. For every research aims to make the Wrong world Right.


Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay is the author of The Mind Tree, one of the best memoirs about the inner life we know of. It’s also about autism. He lives and writes from his home in Austin, Texas. 

0 thoughts on “Wrong World Right

  1. Whether a sky is blue or green or red is not the important thing at all. The fact that the sky is moving and changing and allowing us to imagine it in all it’s glory is the fact that needs to remain.
    Rainbow sky’s are so confusing to most you know. Perhaps the world needs a klaidescope to view the wonder of the beautiful minds of Autism for when you put all those colors togther they make a perfect pattern of light.


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