Self Portrait with Bad Eyes

I was messing around with my BlackBerry while waiting for a phone call. Why would anyone take a picture of him or herself? Vanity. But in my case it had more to do with the fact that I now can see just enough with one eye to aim a phone camera. My right eye can’t see but the left is doing a good job of tracking where the phone is located. I’m sending this phone photo into the multiverse. My twin brother is alive somewhere on the far range of the dark matter sluice that bridges our simultaneity. Hi brother. I’m still here. I like to think I don’t look like I’ll be 55 on Tuesday. Still happy brother. Still singing to the crickets…


Self Portrait with Bad Eyes

0 thoughts on “Self Portrait with Bad Eyes

  1. Of course, you must take some small measure of solace in knowing that the people who appreciate you most demonstrate their great affection with insults — if we were polite, you could never take us seriously. Happy Birthday! Best wishes for another fascinating journey around the sun.


  2. Steve, up until this moment, had thought you were my slightly older brother. Now it seems you are my squirt younger brother. A not insignificant shift! I will take advantage of it. My patrimony is restored!


  3. Hmmm, I’m having déjà vu — haven’t you already been 55 once before? You’ve decided to tread water perhaps — maybe you’ll start backstroking next year? Good strategy — why didn’t I think of this? No, I’ve just become resigned to getting old. Next year? I’m gonna be 24!


  4. Good God, SK! You need to learn to manage your image better. I guess the quality of your writing is carrying you through posting goofy pix of yourself on the web. Marilyn always destroyed any photos that she didn’t think conveyed her image as she would wish, and as a result, she got to sleep with JFK. You could learn a thing or two from her. I certainly have. Here I am a couple of weeks ago, chatting with Jack Nicholson. I travel with a photographer at all times (Thanks Mary Ann!) to document my exciting, star-studded encounters:


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