Empty Nest: Day 3

Ross stopped by this evening.  He doesn’t yet have internet connection in his apartment so he’s left his laptop here.  It’s as good an excuse as any don’t you think?

On his way out the door for the night we had this exchange:

"Mom, are you crying again?"

"No Ross, actually I’m not.  I’m smiling.  Are you?"

"No.  When are you planning on moving?"

"Don’t know yet.  That has yet to be determined.  But I can say you’re stuck with me for at least a couple of months."

"Oh good.  I can mooch some more money off you then."

"Don’t count on it."

"I’m afraid of those big tears…"

"What, you mean the BIG CRY?"

"Yeah.  What the hell is that?  Love ya.  Bye."

Tomorrow I have to pick him up at 7:30 a.m.  He’s having surgery to have all four wisdom teeth removed. 

It’s good to feel needed, for now anyway.

~ Connie

Empty Nest: Day 2

Don’t worry, I’m not going to do this every night…

Ross invited me to dinner to show me the progress he’s made on his
apartment.  "Would you mind bringing either a pizza or some Chinese
food?  Please?" 

By golly he has made progress in that apartment.  He lined the shelves
in the kitchen as I had suggested.  He purchased a tablecloth for the
table and even had the table set by the time I arrived.  There’s a
masculine looking candle arrangement on the corner end table, some "art
work" I hadn’t seen before.  Boxes are neatly stacked in the storage
closet.  The shower curtain is up.  He served me dinner.  We chatted. 

He looks very tired and too skinny. 

"You’re not going to cry are you Mom?"  He revealed that last night he did, just a little.

"You are crying!"

"No I’m not."

"Yes you are!"

"OK, but just remember, I’m saving the BIG CRY" (for when I leave for Iowa).

"What?  You mean this isn’t the BIG CRY?  MOM, what are you DOING to me!?" 

It was time for me to leave.  I planted a big kiss on the top of his head and reminded him I love him. 

He held his own, at least until after I left.

Empty Nest: Day 1

That’s right; it’s official.  Today I am an empty nester.  It is the first day of the rest of my life. 

Child # Two, my son, my baby, moved out yesterday.  With the help of
three friends he’s moved to an apartment in town.  Steve and I are
moving to Iowa City.  Ross wants to stay or so he thinks.  I think I’m
OK with it.  Kinda sorta. My_favorite_2

I went to bed last night as I usually do and as usual, Ross was not
home.  I felt a little weepy but I think I was too tired.  My head hit
the pillow and out I went.  The next thing I knew there was a knock on
the door.  "I just came by to pick up a few things" he said followed by
"I miss you already".

He stopped by again early this morning and just a little while ago
we spoke and he said he’d swing by again.  More stuff to pick up I

It’s a good thing because Maggie, our Golden Retriever, is lying by
the door waiting for him as she does every night.  I think she may be
suffering from empty nest syndrome. 

As for me, I don’t know yet.  I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

~ Connie

Photo description:  This is Ross’ senior high school portrait photo.  It was taken outdoors; there is a tree in the background.  He’s wearing a black sweater and he’s leaning forward ever so slightly against a railing we can’t see.  He’s got dark brown hair, blue eyes and although you can’t see them in the photo, long eyelashes to die for.