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  1. I am working on your memoirs for my doctoral degree. I wish to get your suggestions and feedback through e-mail. Lyrical language, classical and literary references are the unique features in your memoirs .


  2. I enjoyed your talk at The Library Company tonight. In recognition of your sense of humor, I will offer a personal story: I am 6′ 3 and 3/4″ tall, a state I share with George Washington but unlike the General, I embody this height as a female. Thomas Wolfe once wrote that being tall just proves that people the world over are the same because he had been asked the same questions in every country he visited. I once worked in a large office building and a lawyer with an office across the hall would often cross paths with me. One day we were alone in the elevator and he said “Do you mind if I ask you a question?” So accustomed to this gambit I almost replied with my measurements but he followed up with “What size shoe do you wear?” I was nonplussed and of course lied, knocking a few sizes off. “Oh,” he said, crestfallen, “my wife wears an 11 and I was wondering where you get your shoes.” He could have charged me with perjury.


  3. Steven,
    I’m an alum of HWS as well and have engaged the school around the 2014 sexual assault in order to discuss proven deterrents to such events. That engagement was quite unsatisfactory. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts and to share my own.


  4. Steven, Glad to see you as thorny as ever, then again there is so much about which to be thorny.Long time no talk and I would like to. In the meantime I offer this. From day one in our country those in power or those creating power have had their heads in the clouds but their feet in the mire. Those with disabilities are at the end and I mean the END of a very long line and all those ahead of us in line could not give less of a &$(# about us. On a personal note. Have you read Stoner by John Williams? I just did and love this book, I mean really love. Also reading Imbeciles and book about Rosie Kennedy and Bio of Julia Ward Howe just because i do not have enough about which to be pissed! Let us connect and speak. When will you be taking in Elvis and Nixon?


  5. interesting webpage. I would like to know more about these books. I am doing a paper for my multi-cultural class. please send me a copy in braille. my home address is 228 n Howard Street apartment 606, Spokane, WA 99201


  6. Happy to read the article CREATIVE WRITING AND DISABILITY STUDIES: LIMINAL EPSITEMOLOGIES. Thank yo for more insights into the creativity and poetic form Lyric and its appeal to physically or otherwise challenged people as a means for mobility, new consciousness and identity.


  7. Sir:
    I’m off FB until after the general. But I want to keep reading your stuff. So please put me on the email notification list.

    I have a few things to say about gratitude, so….

    Love, peace and hugs,


  8. Love your stuff! Discovered you in Syndicated Columnists Weekly recently. Short, blind, dyspeptic poet addicted to sweets…” Or something like that. Pulled me right in. And your criticism of the New Criticism. And where is the body of the poet? Hear, hear!


  9. I attended your reading at Spring Writes and I just want to thank you. I’m so happy to be introduced to your work. I love the pace of your writing and its humor and how you can so perfectly make an arc between the everyday and the fantastical. I’m also a fan of your content, the sharing of your slice of life. I’m also a writer and a disabilities advocate. Now you’ll have to excuse me while I curl up with Planet of the Blind…


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