A Few Kind Words…

“It is a delight to work with poet and writer Stephen Kuusisto as a commentator on National Public Radio’s evening news program, “All Things Considered”. Steve is warm, witty, and extremely insightful. Millions of listeners love his on air messages … I am a steadfast fan!”

– Marika Partridge, NPR’s “All Things Considered”


“He is a powerful writer with a musical ear for language and a gift for emotional candor. He has written a book that makes the reader understand the terrifying experience of blindness and that stands on its own as a lyrical memoir of a poet”
– Michiko Kakutani, NEW YORK TIMES



“A talented writer judged against any standard, Kuusisto opens the world of the disabled in Planet of the Blind. He does it without self pity, and he does it without gratuitous lecturing.”
– Deirdre Donahue, USA TODAY


“… as Kuusisto muses on how blindness is perceived by the sighted world and relates his fearsome and wonderful adventures before and after he finally teamed up with a guide dog, his incredible resolve, good humor, and irrepressible love for life remind us of the awesome power of the imagination, and the true meaning of vision.”

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