Back in 1998 I had the good fortune to publish my first book of nonfiction: a memoir entitled “Planet of the Blind”. I’ve since been very fortunate to hear from hundreds of people from all over the world. Please join our community and share your thoughts. It’s just not the same without you. Warm regards to you all…

4 thoughts on “Blogger”

  1. I love the way you describe the way you see your wife. How her enthusiasm for just about everything is beautiful for you. I’m sorry for your recent loss and am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that animals go to heaven. Your writing has me taking a closer look at how I sound when I am speaking to my sister who, like you, is visually impaired. I try to use sentence comparisons that involve ‘like’ sounds. Right now I am merely noticing and writing them down, not yet practicing. A metal spoon dipping into the sugar bowl, a plastic shovel digging into the sand, breakfast bacon on the stove top and the rain and the TV when it’s static and on low volume are examples. Thank you for the energy you give through your writing.
    Brooke Singmaster


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