2 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Stephen, thank you for the photos on your site. Like your writing, they glow… and show you to be the most human of beings, an example of how valuable it is to embrace life and reduce the role played by sorrow and erroneous beliefs. As I re-orient myself at nearly 80, you and Corky make me want to get back out there and participate.


  2. Stephen – I am a dog lover. Just finished Have Dog, Will Travel. The life of a blind person is a mystery to the sighted, as I’m sure you know. I once interviewed a totally blind person at a university and she had a bitter attitude. She said something to the effect of “I suppose you want to know how a blind person wipes. Everyone does.” I interviewed a blind student and had the opposite response. She lived in the dorm. I asked her how she managed to look so coordinated every day. She told me she buys basic colors that will all go with each other, and all she has to do is get a pair of pants and a top and she knows she’ll look good. Thank you for writing this book. I really enjoyed it. Judith Smith, Scottsdale, Arizona


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