Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will be united with my third guide dog. This will happen in the early afternoon. Once more the circle of blindness (at least for me) will be entered by a safe and reliable creature who was raised and trained by innumerable loving people. I’ve written about this in my memoir Planet of the Blind and I don’t think I can do more than reiterate that having a new guide dog is absolutely the "ultimate blind date". There’s a difference though for this dog will be poised and self reliant which is more than one can say about your average human blind date. They know what they’re doing at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

By early afternoon I will have a remarkable four legged companion and together we will work over the next two weeks to earn each other’s trust and loving kindness None of us can claim any more for our relationships.

Blessings on the puppy raisers and the guide dog trainers and the superb staff here in Yorktown Heights, New York.

And thanks, Al Roker, for the temperatures which are in the mid sixties.

S.K. .