Disability Blog Carnival #22: Resilience

Clearly Jodi, from Reimer Reason, has put a lot of work into this most recent edition of the Disability BlogSpider
Carnival.  Her theme is "resilience" and she, like her contributors, has put some thought into this….

"Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Disability Blog Carnival! In honor
of this being the 22nd edition, I have for you twenty-two posts on the
subject of: Resilience. I have loved reading all of the posts submitted
and in doing so I have learned quite a bit about the things that make
people resilient. There are people who use humor or call on their faith
in God. There are those of us who adapt, persevere, adjust their
perspective, come to accept, see beauty, find joy. Fasten your seat
belts, because you are about to meet some incredible people."

you stop by Jodi’s site to read through these posts, take a moment
won’t you, and write her a comment.  Bloggers love feedback!

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