Your Opinion? Disability & Media Consumption Survey

Originally posted on Blog [with]tv

My name is Anna Pakman and I am a first year MBA student at Columbia Business School. I am
conducting a survey as primary research for my paper on Media Consumption &
People with Disabilities for my Consumer Behavior class. I would appreciate it
if you could take a few minutes of your time to answer some questions about
your consumption of television, film, Internet, and radio programming. As you
probably know, the Nielsen ratings track media consumption for just about every
population EXCEPT our community so the only way I can get this data is through
your assistance. All individual survey responses are anonymous and will be kept
strictly confidential.

You’ll find access to the survey on Blog [with]tv

The deadline for filling this out is March 31, 2008. Please feel free to
forward this on to any and all individuals and organizations that may have an
interest in completing the survey or getting their constituents to do so.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at
If the survey presents any problems for those using screen reading software
please let me know and I can figure out another way to get it to you.
Unfortunately, I need to use Qualtrics as it is the only surveying
software provided by Columbia University and I have no control as to how
accessible/unaccessible it is. If you have a lot of trouble, please record your
problems and e-mail them to me so I can forward it on to our IT people who can
then relay this feedback to the vendor. 

Thanks in advance for your time.


Anna Pakman
MBA Class of 2009