Have You Heard? Laurie Rubin

Through my volunteer work at [with]tv I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of *meeting*
cyberspace) and corresponding with Laurie Rubin

Laurie is an accomplished Mezzo Soprano.  Listen to this CBS interview I just discovered and you will learn more about this "world class opera singer" who has "performed in the White House and in some of the worlds finest Halls…"

(Photo description: Laurie is on stage performing in her New York recital debut with pianist David Wilkinson.  Wearing a teal evening gown, she looks quite beautiful.  She’s standing in front of a grand piano; David is wearing a black suit.  We can see the backs of the heads of her audience in Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, March 2004.)

Laurie has released a CD of art songs by Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Beethoven, Brahms, Hahn, Bizet, Copland, Rorem, Harbison and some beloved Yiddish pieces with pianists Graham Johnson and David Wilkinson on the Opera Omnia label.

"Faith in Spring" can be purchased via this link on Laurie’s web site.

A music critic I am not but I know what I enjoy, and Steve and I enjoy listening to this often…

Laurie, we look forward to the day when we can actually experience your musical gift in a live performance.  We’ll be keeping our eyes on you!

Till then!

~ Connie

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[with]tv Recommends the Inclusion Daily Express

Good luck trying to find this much information anywhere else on the web. 
~ C. Kuusisto

International Disability Rights News Service

Your quick, once-a-day look at disability rights, self-determination
and the movement toward full community inclusion around the world.

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Monica Moshenko Interviews Howard Renensland, Founder & CEO, [with]tv

Monica Moshenko, host of Disability News & Views Radio Show has interviewed [with]tv Founder and CEO, Howard Renensland.  On her website she introduced Howard by writing this:

Howard Renensland, Father, Advocate, Actor and CEO & Founder, [with]tv

is a start-up corporation devoted to providing television and Internet
programming of, by, and for people with disabilities. Driven by his own
experiences the past 22 years advocating for his own daughter Victoria,
Howard found the single most debilitating factor limiting people with
disabilities is not their disability, but their image in mainstream
media. There is no mainstream television channel in the world
addressing the needs of and targeting people with disabilities as
viewers, consumers and participants. Howard resolved to change that by
creating , an inclusive media outlet that defines all people by their
talents and the quality of their stories, rather than by disability; a
place where his daughter Victoria and everyone else can work in a
universally designed workplace with a welcoming, inclusive workforce –
with-tv is born. Listen to this compelling interview with Mr.
Renensland to learn more about with-tv and how you can get involved
now! http://www.with-tv.com Television of, by and for people with
disabilities…..and everyone else.

Renensland, President and Founder of [with]tv, has been a professional
actor, writer, director, and teacher for thirty years. He is a member
of Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio
Artists, and Actors Equity Association. Mr. Renensland has appeared in
over 400 television commercials, numerous radio ads, and hundreds of
print ads as well.


Thank you, Monica!

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