Conditional Disability Department


Ship rat

I read this morning in the New York Times that a BP executive and another from Transocean have declared that they can’t appear before a congressional committee investigating the gulf oil spill because they are too ill to appear on Capitol Hill.

I wonder how ill that would be?  As a disability rights advocate I’d like to know. Perhaps its true, maybe these two executives have a pericardial condition or phlebitis. Maybe standing up could cause them to instantly perish. But one doubts these scenarios are operative. One thinks of the phony people who cheat their way into having disability parking placards because they have warts on their feet. Or spurious back conditions which do not prevent them from playing golf.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope these guys have something really horrid and that by turns they will get well. I wish the best both for their ethics and physical lives.

But I smell rats. Presumably they a doctor’s certificate. But I still smell rodents…



0 thoughts on “Conditional Disability Department

  1. Dang it! I accidentally posted this in the Cripple Creek post. Can you erase it from there? Sorry. Unfortunately there are no reasonable accommodations for ineptitude! Here it is in the right place:
    The Americans with Disabilities Act does not state that people with disabilities have a right to employment. Rather, it states that people with disabilities who are able to do a job (with reasonable accommodations) cannot be denied employment because of their disabilities. Appearing before Congress is part of these executives’ jobs. If they’re unable to perform their critical job duties (with reasonable accommodations), they need to be replaced with people who are able to do the job.


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