William F. Buckley Responds to Bill Maher from Hell


Sniff. Appaaaaarently Mr. Maher (who is the contrarian’s contrarian, a perfervid prognosticator of Damocletian disinformation) is amused as Tiberius at the wealth of the National Football League. Mr. Maher, is, as any sensible homo-sapien knows a Fortunato of Fanfare—a spurious slinger of salacious syllogisms, an Adamite, a neo-Bohemian nattering nudist. Cleaaaaaarly, Mr. Maaaher fails to understand the glory of free markets, the beneficence and bounty of market shares, the hypno-delirium of money that stays money because the magna-individuation of corporate interests retains its own Benthamite autonomy—which “is” by the way “why” the NFL keeps its taxidermed former commissioner Pete Rozelle in a glass case. Rumor has it that Mike Ditka will be joining Mr. Rozelle in short oooorder.

Next on Firing Line we will discuss Laaady Gaga’s follicular semiotics…

Cue up the Goldberg Variations….



0 thoughts on “William F. Buckley Responds to Bill Maher from Hell

  1. SK, I remember William F. Buckley, I knew William F. Buckley. And although William F. Buckley was no particular friend of mine,SK, you’re no William F. Buckley. (However you certainly can jabber on in his quasi-mid-atlantic polysyllabic idiolect as well as the best of them — if you start wagging your tongue and periodically grin like an idiot, in an uncontrollable way, I would recommend immediate crisis intervention by a trusted friend or loved one.)


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