How to Donate to my Alma Mater: Guiding Eyes for the Blind


We have received the following call for support from our friend William Badger, President and CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind. I earnestly invite the readers of this blog to read Mr. Badger’s press release with care. The lives of visually impaired people around the nation and the world have been profoundly improved by the tremendous work of GEB. Each day I am reminded by my guide dog (as if for the first time) of the rich and sustaining strength that “is” a guide dog team. By this I do not mean merely the stamina of a blind person and his or her dog—but the love of a whole organization that has made this team possible and that cares equally for its people and its dogs. There is nothing more ardent and yes, miraculous, than this kind of communitarian work. Read on:   


At Guiding Eyes for the Blind, maintaining the good health and well-being of our students while they are in training is a top priority. The nurses in our Student Health Department enjoy their work and they make a difference in many ways. For example, they help diabetics with the management of their condition, assist students with their dietary requirements, and monitor the vital signs of students with hypertension or cardiac disease.

Our compassionate medical staff provides first aid and attends to any minor “bumps and lumps” that may occur while students are learning to work with their new canine guides during the intensive three-week training process. A nurse is on duty on our campus from 6:30-8:30 a.m.

and 3:30-6:00 p.m. In addition, a nurse is on call 24 hours a day to address students’ medical needs and concerns.

Another top priority is maintaining the good health and well-being of our magnificent Guiding Eyes dogs. They reside in clean, climate-controlled kennels and get plenty of exercise, stimulation and attention. We are committed to ensuring that our dogs – sometimes suffering from the same conditions and diseases as humans – receive the highest quality medical care and treatment. Our on-site veterinary hospital is top notch and we are continually seeking to enhance the facility and acquire the most advanced technology.

As far as we know, Guiding Eyes is the only service dog school in the world equipped with a veterinary MRI machine. This is a tremendous benefit to our puppies, broods and studs, as well as working and retired guides. The procedure is non-invasive and painless, with no radiation exposure. Having the unit enables our veterinary staff to provide rapid, accurate diagnosis, which leads to more thorough and effective treatment that can save lives. Before acquiring this machine there was a delay of up to two weeks in trying to schedule a veterinary MRI for one of our dogs at an outside facility, and the cost per scan was about $2,000, not including staff time and transportation.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind has been blessed for more than 50 years with generous and caring friends like you who understand our mission and support our wonderful work. Our services are provided FREE OF CHARGE to our blind students and graduates, so we rely on kind friends like you for support.

If you want to help in a special way, please consider becoming a Partner in Independence by signing up for our Sustaining Gift Program if you have not already done so. This convenient method of giving provides ongoing funding for our extraordinary programs and services.

Simply click on <>

, choose “sustaining gift” for gift type, and indicate your

preference: monthly, quarterly or annually. If you prefer to sign up for our Sustaining Gift Program via your checking account instead of using a credit card, please email < from Connections Newsletter Feb 2011> and we will send you a form to complete.

As always, to make a one-time gift, please click on <>

All of us at Guiding Eyes for the Blind are very grateful for your kindness and generosity.



William D. Badger, President


< from Connections Newsletter Feb 2011>

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