Disability and the Kingdom of Insecurity



Yesterday I blogged about disability and the post-physical body, arguing that conceptions of physical wholeness are rapidly changing in our age of new prostheses and assistive technologies. But the call to action on behalf of wheelchair users below proves just how fragile the well being of people with disabilities is in this time of wholesale budget cutting. I would like to hear each member of Congress stand before a microphone and argue for or against the provision of wheelchairs. Let’s simply refine and focus our attention on one simple thing at a time. I remember once talking to a private contractor whose job was to help the children of the wealthiest Americans find special mental health camps—many of them in the mountains of the far west. Programs with one on one psychiatric counseling and plenty of good food and exercise options. When I asked him if there were grants or insurance benefits that would allow regular troubled kids to get these kinds of opportunities he said, with a notable “sniff”: “Not EVERYONE gets to go to Harvard.”

I want to hear Representatives and Senators, heck, State Governors announce that not everyone gets a wheelchair. If this is the apparent case then it’s time for elected officials to say it out loud. I want to see and hear the video.



0 thoughts on “Disability and the Kingdom of Insecurity

  1. I think provisions of wheelchair should not be affected in their budget cutting. There are other things that the government doesn’t need and that should be cut down and not on things that are really important for some people.


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