Watching Spike Sit Down

Spike Lee Wearing Knicks Gear


There may be more annoying things than the sight of Spike Lee dolled up in his New York Knicks regalia but not for me. Please note that I’m not confusing annoying with sinister. There are worse things in this world than Spike’s juvenalia. Robert Mugabe comes to mind. Or the horrible Burgundy Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula. I should add that I’m an admirer of Spike Lee’s films and his political work. But enough said. He’s irritating. And so last night’s win by the Boston Celtics over the Knicks was especially satisfying inasmuch as Spike had to sit down. Where be your gibes now, Spike? Maybe you shouldn’t bait Kevin Garnett? Taunting players on the other team can backfire.

So alright. I admit it. I’m a Celtics fan. And once in awhile I can stray from my gray library, the mordancy of my arm chair—academic pursuits, whatever takes the place of the philosophers’ stone for some old fashioned peanuts and cigar smoke. I enjoyed Kevin Garnett’s performance at the Boston Garden last night.

Schadenfreude aside, Spike Lee is a winner. His work on behalf of the city of New Orleans is admirable. We like him outside the gym.



0 thoughts on “Watching Spike Sit Down

  1. Why no posts on the poetics of NY Mets baseball? Is the team so bad, worst in the NL as of today, that it is devoid of mention.


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