More on Gertrude Stein and Hats

Gertrude Stein

Our good friend LB has written per our post about hats and the wives of geniuses: 
Perhaps it was a jaunty hat that lured Ms Stein into driving a supply
truck for the American Fund for French Wounded during WWI.  And then
in WWII, perhaps a rather broad-brimmed, lower-profile chapeau would
be more appropriate as she, an American Jewish lesbian, quite
remarkably sat out the German occupation of France with famous art
collection and life completely unscathed, perhaps as an active Nazi
collaborator.  This is an interesting and complex story.  I remember
reading a perhaps somewhat romanticized version of some select
incidents related to their years during the occupation in Alice B's
famous cookbook that reflect anti-Nazi sentiment.  But here I've just
found some added research that adds additional information about those

0 thoughts on “More on Gertrude Stein and Hats

  1. Thanks, SK, for your efforts to post this on my behalf. It’s interesting (and possibly completely misleading) to speculate on Ms Stein’s, as well as Ms Toklas’ actions and motivations during their occupation years in France. But it seems as if these were women were determined to live the lives they chose for themselves without becoming victims along the way.


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