Bleaching Kids With Autism

We read Sunday Stillwell’s blog Adventures in Extreme Parenthood this morning and saw the following:


” Then later in the week I ran across a news story which at first I thought was a parody from The Onion. Only, it wasn’t.

Instead it detailed how this week’s AutismOne conference was heavily promoting a new treatment which claims to have “recovering” 38 children from autism.

As it turns out the the “treatment” involves practitioners and parents giving children with autism an enema with a solution called Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS for short. This chemical compound it more commonly known as industrial strength bleach.

The science blogger known as Orac described it like this,

What it is, in essence, is industrial strength bleach, 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. It is frequently diluted in acidic juices, such as orange juice, resulting in the formation of chlorine dioxide, which is, as the FDA characterized it, “a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment.”

Emily Willingham of The Biology Files and DoubleX Science has started an online petition located here where you can watch the video presentation about MMA from AutismOne’s conference last week and if you are as horrified as the rest of us please add your signature to the petition and help us stop this so-called “treatment” which is nothing more than child abuse disguised by a lab coat.”




Perhaps there are more horrifying things than bleaching autistic children: maybe you’re weary after the A bomb and the Holocaust and you’ve retreated to your private sanctum to watch reruns of “Three’s Company” forever–but for the rest of us who still believe in medical ethics, human dignity, civil rights, real science, well, this is a moral catastrophe. It’s another instance of outright ignorance mixed with “normative” parents’ fears of disability. Only absolute ignorance and fear can create a “pillow angel” or a child forced to receive toxic chemicals via enemas.


This is a disgrace.


We recommend Sunday’s blog, for her activism and her streetwise humor are sharp, literate, and brave. You will like her Ryan Gosling send ups too!



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