Disability by Any Other Name

Each day clouds arrive in the public square. No one can ignore them.

Men and women at the water cooler, who talk of football matches, they’re going to the clouds. I wish I could help them.

One may become cloudy at any moment.

I think its necessary to have cloud parking.

The UN Charter on the Rights of People with Clouds is important.

I wonder if its OK for cloudy couples to have sex?

People don’t really take the proper time to buy cloud insurance. Only a few think of it.

Once you’re clouded it’s best for everyone if you just stay home.

The University has a special office for its cloud students.

Age related clouds…

Birth clouds…

Veterans who come home with clouds…

“How can I study from below, that which is above?” (Aristophanes)


You have to take a course or two in Cloud Studies.

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