I hope there are no children lurking…

Saw this link over at Blue Girl’s (the goody two-shoes) and naturally I couldn’t resist.  There are some things we just need to know.  Like how is this blog rated?

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:       

  • death (2x)
  • dead (1x)

I told Steve not to use those words but did he listen to me? 

"I forgot" is what I’m predicting he’ll say when I ask him about this. 

Now why would I think that?

~ Connie

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Hillary and I: Same Place. Different Time

What do Hillary and I have in common?  A few things actually.  Perhaps more than either of us knows.  But I do know this for sure: we’ve both patronized the Mt. Kisco Coach Diner in Mt. Kisco, NY where Hillary filmed this video announcing her campaign song as voted by we, (OK you) the American people.  I used to walk by this diner regularly as I trained guide dogs (and students on how to use them). 

Small world isn’t it? 

Thanks for the memories Hillary!

~ Connie

Crazy Love as in "I Am Now Damaged Merchandise"

After a jealous former boyfriend threw acid in her face, Linda considered herself "damaged merchandise" unworthy of love. Heck she went blind thanks to this lunatic former love.  Who would *want* her now? 

So what’s a girl to do?  Marry the B@*&%#**^ ?! Which is exactly what Linda did – after he served time in prison that is.

Just out in selected movie theaters is "Crazy Love", a documentary covering the relationship between Linda and Burt Pugach.  Here is what Christy Lemire of the Associated Press had to say about this PG-13 rated film:

"Crazy Love" is a documentary about a man who was so obsessively possessive of his ex-girlfriend that he lied to her about divorcing his wife, paid guys to beat her up so she’d feel frightened enough to run back to him, and, most shockingly of all, hired a thug to throw lye in her face, leaving her blind and disfigured at 22.

And it’s funny!"

Did Ms. Lemire say funny?  Even after reading her review I fail to see what is so funny about this story.  Should curiosity get the better of me and I decide to see the movie, will I think it funny then?  Somehow I doubt it.

I’ve done a little reading of reviews of this documentary online and I thought about posting them here, but quite frankly, I’ve got better things to do.  I’d like to think that proceeds from this documentary, should there be any, will be used for greater good to promote issues such as the rights of battered women or domestic violence against women with disabilities or some such thing.  But somehow I doubt that too.

~ Connie

My Bad

Okay. My friend Sam Hamill did have a birthday. He is the poet who has done more to organize resistance to war than any other literary figure of our time. He’s also not 75 as I reported yesterday. He is in fact 56 if you’re dyslexic. If you’re not, he’s 65. Got it? As I said to Sam last night, this is why I’m a blogger and not a journalist.

Here are some other facts that have been central to my thinking that I have discovered are faulty:

1. Judge Bork was not named after the sound that is produced by flatulence in the bathtub.

2. They play big league baseball in Brooklyn.

3. Book reading makes you skinny.

4. The reindeer in Lapland are fond of eating psychedelic mushrooms. This is why they can fly.

One out of four isn’t bad?


Imus' "hate speech"

Excuse me.  I said a stupid thing.  But I’m really really a good person.  Aren’t we essentially a Christian culture?  Don’t we believe in forgiveness?  Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who called us to observe the better angels of our nature?  Shouldn’t we forgive Don Imus for his remarks concerning the Rutgers Womens’ basketball team?

I don’t think we should forgive Don Imus or anyone else who makes money by ridiculing people who remain socially marginalized in American culture.  I don’t think we should forgive Rush Limbaugh for his hateful remarks about Michael J. Fox.  I don’t think we should forgive Bill O’Reilly or Michael Savage for their loathsome and vicious remarks about Americans who have opposed the war in Iraq.  The hate speech in this country is ubiquitous and ugly and out of control.

Don Imus’s comments concerning the women basketball players at Rutgers are in my view "hate speech" because they spill over into a categorical bell curve of aesthetic acceptability.  Imus argued that the women of Rutgers were "nappy headed ho’s" but then took the next necessary turn toward full blown racism by placing the appearance of the Rutgers players alongside the "cute" women of Tennessee. This is a comparative and associative gesture that fully represents the architecture of racism.  That Imus’s executive producer Bernard whatever his name is chimed in with the word "jigaboo" is merely the icing on the cake.

Don Imus may be a good man who said a stupid thing.  But he said a really really stupid thing.  He engaged in hate speech.

Some white people will say, "well black people talk about themselves this way, so isn’t there a double standard?"

You betcha.

When black people are making equal salaries; when their children are not incarcerated in higher percentages than white children; when we are truly equal in our society, then yes, everything will be merely a question of comedy or rhetoric.

In the meantime there are real lives in the balance.

Don Imus should devote himself to his ranch for kids with cancer.  He should take a course in cultural diversity at Rutgers.


See the video response from the Rutger’s team at Shakesville and this thoughtful Your Daughter and Imus post at Blogher.


In Our Own Backyard, No Less

This article in the Columbus Dispatch highlighting the attitudes of some deaf alumni of the Ohio School for the Deaf about a proposal to merge Ohio’s schools for the deaf and for the blind, deserves further comment.  But I have to count to TEN and that could take me a while.  You’ll understand when you read this: 

Campus for deaf, blind opposed
Alumni fear social, safety issues if state schools share space

Monday, March 19, 2007
Simone Sebastian

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