Have Autism, Hope to Travel Soon

A couple of weeks ago I wrote Have Autism, Will Travel, a post about Monica Moshenko, host of Disability News and Views Radio Network, and her son, Alex and their plans to sell their house and hit the road in an RV.

"The goal is to meet and greet people with disabilities,
raise the public’s awareness about the disabled — and perhaps catch a
few wrestling matches along the way."

Monica wrote the other day to tell us that her house is now on the market.  (Looking for a house in upstate New York by any chance?)  She and Alex seem very excited about their planned adventure.  I’m excited for them.  More about their planned road trip here…  Hmmm.  I see no stop planned for Columbus, OH.  I wonder what we can do about that? 

As I mentioned in my previous post, thirteen year old Alex has a radio show of his own  "Al’s
Wrestling Talk
," which airs live on the Internet every Saturday night.  Alex has a passion for wrestling and has, in fact, recently been selected as the spokesman for new fundraising event, Wrestling Autism, a "campaign to raise awareness and funds for research for the thousands of children
with autism in our country today – over 1.5 million."  According to his mother:

"Alex is no stranger to raising
awareness for autism as he has been a voice for others with autism since he was
six years old telling kids to find their gifts and talents for years. Alex has
been on TV, radio and interviewed for articles many times always sharing the
positives that kids with Autism have to embrace. Now my son is involved in
another mission to raise awareness for autism called Wrestling Autism. Alex has
been a huge wrestling fan (so is Jim Carrey)! Alex started hosting his own radio
show online about wrestling last year. Since that time his audience has grown
and especially recently because Alex has been selected to be the face/voice of
Wrestling Autism – to raise awareness for autism. My son is thrilled to be
selected to be the voice for Wrestling Autism and hopes to inspire other kids
and adults to get involved !!"

* For some reason I can’t get two of the links above to work properly.  Here they are:

Alex, we look forward to keeping tabs on you and your Mom as you travel about the United States!

~ Connie


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  2. Both my brother and my eldest daughter have made road trips through the US. When we first arrived here, we had similar plans. I thought we could spend our annual 10 holiday in each State. As I was already pushing 40, I didn’t think we’d be able to make them all! A pal of mine suggested leaving out all the ones in the middle as they’re all the same…..and that FROM an American.
    Best wishes


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