Empty Nest: Day 9

My how time flies!

Ross survived the removal of all four wisdom teeth.  I was glad, quite frankly, that he did his recovering at his own place.  Oh I’d stop by a couple of times a day with mashed potatoes, pudding or applesauce, but once the moaning and complaining started, directed at me of course, I was able to say, "see you later Ross"
and walk out.  How liberating.

Ross sees a counselor a couple of times a month as for a while he seemed to be dealing with some anxiety issues. 

This evening I suggested to him that next time he sees Andy, perhaps he (Ross) could inquire as to whether or not Andy had an hour in his schedule to see me.  (Naturally I want to make sure Ross is as "OK" with the idea of Steve and I moving to Iowa as he can be.  Perhaps this is harder on me than it is him.  So what if I want to talk about it.  I’m entitled don’t you think?)

"Oh Mom.  Andy doesn’t want to sit and watch you cry for an hour!"

"I will not cry for an hour!"

"Yes you will."  Ross is now grossly exaggerating the amount of crying I did do a week ago in anticipation, I think, of The Big Cry.

Is this good or bad I wonder?  Will he feel ready for The Big Cry when the time comes or is he experiencing anxiety just thinking about it?  Probably a little of both.   

Just like his mother.

Author: skuusisto

Poet, Essayist, Blogger, Journalist, Memoirist, Disability Rights Advocate, Public Speaker, Professor, Syracuse University

0 thoughts on “Empty Nest: Day 9”

  1. Ive been reading your posts on Empty Nest and although single with no kids I am an aunt of college age nephews and watched my sibs go through empty nest . I think you’re (both) doing great with this – gradually separating out – whether there’s a Big Cry or not. It’s not an “overnight” thing but a gradual one so a Big Cry could come at the holidays this year – or next year -who knows? I have my own Big Cry story and I’d share it but — I’d cry and I have a due date today 🙂


  2. And… what if there is no Big Cry!?!? What if all of the little cries did the job? Will Ross be bummed if there never is a Big Cry?
    All joking aside, I hope all transitions go smoothly. I wonder how dogs experience a big cry…


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