Tara's 21! Happy Birthday!

Not much time to write – while in Chautauqua I found a computer to post this (should have brought my laptop after all!)Turning_21_2

Happy birthday to my favorite – my one and only –  daughter, Tara.  (She’s the young lady on the right.)

Why just last night someone said to me "you don’t look old enough to have a 21 year old daughter!"  Steve said the gentleman was just flirting with me. 

Leave it to a husband (my husband) to spoil the moment.

I’ll post a photo of Tara once I’m back home.

~ Connie

0 thoughts on “Tara's 21! Happy Birthday!

  1. OK, Miss C, having just met you for the first time this week I heartily concur: you don’t look old enough to have a 21 year old daughter. It was so wonderful to finally meet you. Seeing you and Steve at Chautauqua was the frosting on my graduation cake!!
    On my flight to Tacoma two weeks ago some guy was chatting me up outside the restroom. I thought it was a pretty innocuous conversation. The flight attendant looked at us and said, “Are you two married?” “No,” says the guy, “but I’m single.” I showed him my wedding ring and said, “I’m not.” The guy assumed my beloved was traveling with me and said something like, “Oh, boy, now your husband’s gonna slug me.” I replied that no, my husband was a minister and didn’t have a violent cell in his body. I think that may have made him feel worse…


  2. Yeah, the dude was flirting with you BECAUSE you dont look old enough to have a 21 year old daughter. And, what do you mean “just” flirting with you? Is that like “just” sexually desires you?


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