0 thoughts on “What's in a Name?

  1. Steve, that’s not a *small* thing about the commenting, that’s a *great* thing!
    Oh no. Connie is now Con Con Kuu to me. That should be her screen name. lol.
    She could even throw my maiden name in there and it would fit just perfectly!


  2. Okay, this is really a small thing, but this is the “first time” I’ve ever been able to post a comment by myself. How thrilling! My screen reading software is working with typepad for the first time in the “post comments” department. Next I will thro away my pajamas with the trap door in the back…
    Anyway: Connie hasn’t “fessed up” about her name dilemma when she married me. Her maiden name is “Rudloff” and her first married name was “Connell” and so when she got hitched to the unpronounceable Finn she had to decide what to use as a last name. I suggested that she shorten everything and hyphenate the whole shebang and call herself: “Con Con Kuu” which sounds like a city in Manchuria.


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