0 thoughts on “A House Hunting We'll Go

  1. Wow! Good luck-I can’t wait till I get to this “phase” because I hate renting! What a difficult decision though-I’ll be thinking about you! Also wanted to say thanks for contributing to last week’s carnival..I had a blast hosting it and I really appreciate all the support you’ve shared since I started blogging!


  2. Well hello there!
    Seems I’ve fallen far, far out of the loop in terms of GEB graduates — I didn’t even know Steve had a new book out! How pleasant to stumble onto your blog of all things! I’ve added you to my blogroll, so I’ll be sure to drop by again!
    Best of luck with the househunting!
    Cyndy & Dolly


  3. Selling a house is horrifying. But, looking for and buying a house — although it can be exhausting too — is way more fun!
    I’m with Jan, you usually know it when you first walk in.
    Good luck!


  4. Good luck. I always get a “feel” for a house when I walk in to it for the first time. If it “feels” right, I know instantly and want to buy it. Then all common sense flies out of the window and I make an emotional decision to purchase.
    Funnily enough – I don’t usually get it wrong when I listen to my inner tappings. Instinct is a much underated sense.


  5. Good luck! I am just finally happy that my looking, buying, settlement and moving are OVER. Now we just need to unpack the hip-deep pile of boxes.


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