Make It Strong, Please.

Over breakfast at Guiding Eyes I hear assorted stories about blindness.  How often one hears the refrain: "My eye doctor said, well now you’re blind, go home, there’s nothing more we can do for you."  I think that the national ophthalmologic societies should be having breakfast at the guide dog school.  Blindness isn’t a calamity unless the "professionals" make it so.  I drink coffee with people who have recently lost their eye sight and I’m reminded all over again just how clotted and befuddled our "normative" society is when it comes to blindness or disability in general.  Good God.  You’d think that these ophthalmologists are getting their scripts for communicating with their patients from Victorian novels. "I’m sorry but you’ve been struck blind by a force mightier than humankind.  You must now go and wander the forests of Germany." 

Thank the Lord there’s strong coffee here at Guiding Eyes.


Author: skuusisto

Poet, Essayist, Blogger, Journalist, Memoirist, Disability Rights Advocate, Public Speaker, Professor, Syracuse University

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