6 thoughts on “Oprah, If Only You Had Read the Book!”

  1. Hi Lisa: Yes, these TV shows are genuinely crappy and print reporting is also largely disgraceful when disability is involve. Thanks for sharing your similar experiences. It always helps to know one isn’t alone.


  2. I actually vaguely remember you being on that show. And as a person who also grew up blind with “benignly neglectful” parents who didn’t deny my blindness as much as want me to “pass” in the nondisabled world as a survival technique–what other option was ever presented for success?–I knew then that your story was being presented as scandalous crap.
    I hate, hate, hate doing any media (the small amount I’ve ever been asked to do) for this very reason. It always turns out bad. Once I “lost” my guide dog. She actually wandered out of my apartment when a screen door broke and was swiped up…feet from my home, by a well-meaning cop who made the situation much, much worse and sent me on an all night goose chase for her. The newspaper got a hold of this story and mangled it into some personal tragedy that miraculously was rescued by this cop. It was filled with innaccuracies and got me in a bit of trouble with my guide dog school as well.
    Anyway, Oprah never has gotten any story with disability involvement right. They are all godawful. It is always laced with tragic sympathy and sensationalism.


  3. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I just published Laura Fogg’s memoir, “Traveling Blind: Life Lessons from Unlikely Teachers,” and she and I have been joking about “When Oprah calls.” Her book is about teaching children who are blind and what those children have taught her about life. It is not a “poor little disabled children” book at all! But I can see how Laura’s stories about kids just being kids could be turned into a “Poster Child Project.” Thank you for the warning. I’m sending this to Laura now.


  4. Well, I am amazed by how calm you are about this. Maybe you’ve already gotten over your anger, but I can’t stand it.
    The New York Times and USA Today may have given Planet of the Blind rave reviews, but so did Blue Girl in a Red State! (And we know that’s what *really* put you over the top! lol.)
    Oprah gets on my last nerve.


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