Which Scrooge Will Be Left Standing?

As America looks to the election results on “Super Tuesday” I hope the voters comprehend the implications of George W. Bush’s latest budget.  President Bush has called for deep cuts in Medicaid and Medicare: cuts that, if adopted will be devastating to the elderly and the poor: just the folks who are already struggling with the cost of health care.

Bush’s budget is heartless and the President is playing politics with the health of people with disabilities, single moms, children in poverty, and the old.

The drama in Washington will now be about whether the House and Senate can “do something”.

I said this budget plan is heartless but that’s really not fair to the rest of the heartless people. Even the amateur Scrooges of America understand that rising poverty and infant mortality aren’t in the best interests of the nation.

Apparently only George W. Bush is still saying: “Are there no prisons, are there no work houses?”


0 thoughts on “Which Scrooge Will Be Left Standing?

  1. I am not sure what to make of Super Tuesday but I am not happy that’s for sure. As for the budget, it is clear the backlash against the ADA in the courts has spread across all levels of government. I was stunned a few days ago when I read in the LA Times that one answer to stimulate the economy made by Steven E. Landsburg was that the ADA should be suspended for a year. How this would help the economy was not made clear. I wondered how such flip comment could be made by a professor and published in major news paper. To me, this is a sign of trouble to come.


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