Poor Me

Melissa’s a  Failure.  (Is she EVER!)
Blue girl is too.
So does that mean that even though I may be a "Poor" 1930’s wife, I’m still superior to them?


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

tell them  I just missed being a "failure" by one point.  They don’t
need to know I may have stretched the truth just a bit when I said I
"dress for breakfast".  Considering the fact that I am usually in my birthday suit when I roll out of bed, anything I might put on is considered dressing, isn’t it?

~ Connie

0 thoughts on “Poor Me

  1. Eep! I actually got a 62, “Superior.” *blush* That would be huge news to my husband. It sure isn’t for my skillful housekeeping or for any “dainty and feminine” qualities. (Being active in the PTA might have helped. And I do sew clothes for self and kids sometimes, I suspect that got me some big points… but it REALLY shouldn’t, because I make a huge mess when I do it, and leave a million other things undone to noodle around with the sewing machine for hours and hours.)


  2. LOL, Connie!
    I’m surprised that since you wear your *birthday suit* to bed, that you aren’t considered the very best wife ever, no matter the decade!


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