Mr. Bighead Has a Permanent Wedgie

Ed Bighead has a permanent wedgie and in his comic book life he spends his days trying to ruin the good times of others. Now if you’re a maker of analogies you will see all kinds of reticulated similitudes because there’s an Mr. Bighead in every minute of every day and there’s no help for it. The ubiquitousness of Bighead-ism prompted Mark Twain to observe that the world is filled with stupid people and that wasn’t really the problem, the problem he said was that lightning isn’t more efficient.

Who is the Mr.Bighead in your life? Please send your comments for the time has come for a cyber confabon the subject of passive-aggresiveBig Headed Wedgie-ism.

For me the current personal Bighead is a certain bus driver who always pulls his bus to a stop directly in front of a street sign. At the impersonal level my vote is for Rush Limbaugh whose wedgie is most certainly–oh never mind. I was going to say something about Freud’s description of the symbolic implications of the nether partsin dreams. But you have plenty of imagination. I wish you a good day. I really do.

My cousin was the first person to introduce me to “the wedgie”and he did it the straightforward way. “Would you like a wedgie?” he asked. “Sure,” I said.



Author: skuusisto

Poet, Essayist, Blogger, Journalist, Memoirist, Disability Rights Advocate, Public Speaker, Professor, Syracuse University

0 thoughts on “Mr. Bighead Has a Permanent Wedgie”

  1. Ah HA! I spent the ENTIRE afternoon yesterday with a friend trying to help figure out serious, employment-threatening difficulties that are occurring on the friend’s job. Have the people who depend on your services been complaining to your boss? My friend had not been made aware of any complaints. Has anyone ever praised the work you do? Three concrete instances of highly complimentary expressions of gratitude were put forth as evidence. So we spend the WHOLE afternoon trying to puzzle it out and strategize solutions.
    Your Permanent Wedgie condition seems to explain a lot with regards to this specific situation. But it would be a somewhat problematic diagnosis. Is there any sort of effective treatment? It seems to me that in the case of a chronic wedgie, the problem is almost always internal. I.e., the person who has the PW is almost ALWAYS inflicting it on him- or herself. And typically, the only person who can effectively mitigate the wedgie is the person who has the wedgie. Unfortunately that person is most often not in a good position to do this; they have a Permanent Wedgie for gosh sakes! Any suggestions?


  2. The biology teacher who thought I could not use a microscope simply because I could not read her board, and needed large print book! – Some people are “educated stupid”… I tell you.


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