Remarkable is as remarkable does

Steve and Nira remarkable

Steve won't post this, but I will…
~ Connie

A special thank you to Nicole Riehl for writing and submitting this article and to Tim Schoon, photographer.

Through his teaching, writing, and outreach, a faculty member
strives to create an academic culture that celebrates and explores the
experience of disability

P.S. There are plenty of other remarkable people with much to celebrate.  You'll find their stories there too.

0 thoughts on “Remarkable is as remarkable does

  1. This is a great article-thanks for putting it up Connie -and it’s so good to read about all the good work you’re doing, Steve.


  2. Steve, How did a guy a like you end up with such a great wife and dynamic dog? Seriously, thanks to Connie for posting the article. It was well done as was the slide show with your comments.


  3. What a great article. The work that you do will reach far beyond students with disabilities; your students without disabilities will also be teachers or employees who will share an informed disability perspective with their own students or coworkers. Those of you teaching disability classes are pioneers in the same way that teachers of women’s studies have been.
    That’s a great slideshow of you and Nira working together. She’s an awesome companion. Am hoping for my own to help me work, complete some kinds of physical tasks I can’t.