Nira's Big Day in Chicago: A Guide Dog's Story

The photo below was taken by my good friend Lorraine Whittington who was Johnny on the Spot when “Guiding Eyes Nira” caught sight of her reflection in “The Bean” which, in case you don’t know is an enormous polished aluminum sculpture in downtown Chicago, Illinois. In the photo you can see Nira, a yellow Labrador retriever catching her own reflection on the curvilinear surface of the bean, and you can see that she’s smiling as if to say: “Who’s that marvelous dog who looks just like me?” Its been said by thousands of writers in thousands of ways that we travel to find ourselves. And why shouldn’t this also be true for a loyal and lovely guide dog? NIra’s trip to Chicago also included a visit to Wrigley Field where she managed to disguise the fact that she’s a Red Sox fan. But she enjoyed the ambient domains surrounding the old ball park. But nothing compared with “the bean” in her estimation.   

The Bean

0 thoughts on “Nira's Big Day in Chicago: A Guide Dog's Story

  1. I only wish I had thought to take a pic of her double take of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow at Kelly O’Shea’s.


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