News Flash: New Study Finds that Humankind Still in Middle Ages

Image of astrolabe


I have a neighbor who believes in eternal damnation. He thinks about 14th century cosmology while running his snow blower. He’d beat his wife and children but he doesn’t want any trouble. He seldom speaks. He wears a New York Yankees cap though he lives in Iowa. Sometimes when its very cold he wears an Elmer Fud cap with the ear flaps.

One of my students collects serial killer trading cards. He is, of course, Lutheran. He doesn’t need to go to church. He has the cards. They work for him. Inevitably he shuffles the deck when he can’t sleep. I made that up. He probably keeps them in a little homemade box.

The children of the new Middle Ages fret and cry until they are put to work.

The hopeful continue to get up early.

Unlike the original dark ages there’s not enough silence to go around. People wear head phones, ear buds, skull candy, or talk obsessively into portable phones.

Nature continues to loosen everything: door frames, rubber belts, strings of instruments…

Some people remain Gnostics and keep about them a vague sense of Paradise.

When the air rests the snow rests.

Words are disappearing all over the world.

You can see landscapes in the faces of strangers.

This would be a good moment for humor.

The Grim Reaper slips on a frozen turd and almost drops his scythe. (That was a howler in the old Middle Ages.)

Today it is very cold. I think I will go down to the library and warm my hands on the afterglow of histories.



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