Prelude to a Kiss


Guide Dog Nira and Writer Craig Lucas


Well it doesn’t take guide dog Nira long to make friends. Here she is with playwrite Craig Lucas. Nira knows a kiss when its in the offing but like most Labradors she loves languor and heart—most days I think this is why dogs and people first got together. It’s a high gravity world. We help each other in a thousand ways. Here, Nira, supine says: “Take my purse, darling.”



0 thoughts on “Prelude to a Kiss

  1. I still remember a couple of serious cuddles I had with Vidal back at PLU. Whlie I have a wonderfully cuddly husband I long for a big dog to cuddle with, preferably a pit bull.


  2. It is a truly adaptable soul who transitions so readily from mid-winter Iowa City to beachside Sarasota. I would have recommended at least a few hours in a hyperbaric chamber in between, but you seem to be managing exceedingly well without this. Enjoy!


  3. …and what will you do when Nira stands at the edge of those beckoning tropical waters, and, being the retriever that she is, begs to plunge in for a glorious dog paddle? What then, Blanche?


  4. Yes, Mr. Lucas asked permission to pat Nira and I, perhaps driven mad by the tropics said yes. I’m no better than Blanche DuBois. As for Nira, she’s so well behaved that a few moments of rule breaking don’t make her silly.


  5. Oh Good Gosh! According to his Wiki bio, Mr. Lucas was a self-respecting artist before he met Nira. Hey SK, I have been rigorously trained since I was a wee thing not to distract a guide dog when it is in harness (i.e. “on duty”), and even when the dog is out-of-harness, the rule is to ask first whether schmoozing is OK or not. Is this just a West Coast thang or have you become a renegade guide dog sympathizer in your current artist incarnation?


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