Dear Rep. Marshall



Yesterday I wrote a blog post about you. You are apparently of the view that children with disabilities are disproportionately born to mothers who have had prior abortions and that disabled children are some kind of sign from God of his disapproval. You are beneath contempt and fit for my prayers, for indeed I’m sufficiently Christian to still pray for you. But you are a disgraceful man and there’s no getting away from it. Do you imagine that my disabled childhood was a sign from God? In point of fact this kind of “happy horseshit” is what’s called blasphemy. Do you imagine you can speak for Jesus? What a gibbering twit you are. Meanwhile, here’s a fabulous video about a real high school kid. He’s a boy scout; a member of the marching band; you might learn a thing or two by watching it. That’s what I’ll pray for: that you will learn something from your quasi-fascist mistake. Really, I’m praying for you now. Of course I’m a liberal Democrat. It’s quite possible my prayers will give you the hives.



0 thoughts on “Dear Rep. Marshall

  1. Yes, Sarah Palin is strangely silent on this. My child is a scourge and I am just… guilty…
    Impressed by your praying… does praying for hives count? Of course not, it’s Lent. Will pray God uses divine imagination.


  2. SK, God most certainly does NOT listen to the prayers of “liberal democrats” — not the God of the people in the United States who scream the loudest about thier “God”. I’m with Mr. Peace, I wanna hear Sarah Palin weigh in on this. If she’s quite the gutsy lady that she thinks she is, she really must speak up in one way or another. Does she believe that disabled children are God’s punishment for sinful parents?


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