Barking at Nuns


Image of nun


My dog barked at a nun yesterday morning. It was early and there was no one about. We were standing under a maple tree and Nira, a yellow Labrador from Guiding Eyes for the Blind was nosing the odors of squirrels and ducks, for we are visiting the campus of St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, Minnesota and there are lots of squirrels and ducks. Then Nira looked up and saw a dark and flowing robe with a human being hidden inside it, the whole apparatus was moving silently down the sidewalk. And she barked. Guide dogs almost never bark. That bark said: “We are insufficiently prepared for this sight. This wasn’t part of my training. I’m saying this isn’t quite up to snuff, though maybe someone can explain it to me.” Guide dogs are trained in a thing called “intelligent disobedience” and that’s all I’m going to add.



0 thoughts on “Barking at Nuns

  1. That this is hysterically funny to me comes as no surprise, having been taught by nuns from Grade 1 to Grade 13 (yes, we had a grade 13)…we Catholic teens spent alot of time disobeying intelligently (more or less…)


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