The Infantilization of American Politics

The video below shows New Jersey Governor Christie telling a school teacher that she should quit her job if she doesn’t like the pay. Christie is one of the politicians and media-heads that I call “Reagan Babies”. His view of America is that the poor and the middle classes ought to get down on their knees and thank Jesus that there are rich people in the land who may, just may throw them a crumb or two if they feel so inclined. This is the wholly discredited nonsense of Reagan’s trickle down economics all over again but with an even more fervid and unapologetic disdain for anyone who is not rich. You stupid school teacher, nursing at the public trough, too dumb to have a private sector job with million dollar buyouts, what–you want our sympathy? I suppose next you’ll want some gruel? Be gone! You tire the king! 

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