Sergeant Underpants

I'm Going to Kick Your Ass and Get Away With It Rasputin-closeup


Once upon a time I was strip searched in Russia. That was back in the Reagan years. The “Gipper” had just called the Soviet Union an evil empire as I was trying to get in. And of course the Soviet border guards didn’t like the way I looked. I had John Lennon granny glasses and a bushy beard and in fact I did look somewhat like Rasputin “the mad monk” save that I was wearing blue jeans.

We face cross roads all the time–choices between freedom and grief. The national security governance of America is choosing grief with its insistence on “full body scanning” in airports. America has always been driven by terrors invisible and manufactured and just so, it has always had toadies like Senator Joe Lieberman to apologize with avuncular brio for the utilitarian necessity of suborning civil rights–what’s a toady to do?

James Ridgway’s piece “Who’s Getting Rich from the Naked Full Body Scanner Boom?” makes for good reading. 

Americans are right to resist scans of their bodies and frankly to resist groping by TSA agents. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I’d rather die free than under communism. Reagan was of course talking about the right to worship, and I’m talking about your damned ass.

How much money fits up Joe Lieberman’s ass? Is it as much as fits up Newt Gingrinch’s hole? Can we scan this?     



0 thoughts on “Sergeant Underpants

  1. Welcome to my world of pat downs every time I fly as a passenger who uses a wheelchair. The TSA agents in charge of this vary significantly. Some barely touch me as though I have the plague while others are aggressive.


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