Still Sexy after All These Fears…

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Readers’ note: we like this piece from the Huffington Post by neurologist Richard C. Senelick. This excerpt comes to us via Inclusion Daily.

Sex And Disability: How Would It Change Your Life?
(Huffington Post)
January 26, 2011
NEW YORK, NEW YORK– [Excerpt] Sex is something we’ve only felt comfortable talking about in public for the last 30 years. The sex lives of the disabled and elderly are still a hushed topic that causes feelings of discomfort amongst the public and unfortunately many healthcare professionals.

Sex and sexuality are not synonymous and you can easily have one without the other — a key concept when we start to talk about the sexual issues of people with disabilities.

We, as a society, including the medical profession, tend to view both the disabled and the elderly as "asexual," placing little emphasis on the quality of the life of the sexually disabled person. We view both the disabled and the elderly as being different from the rest of us, not sharing the same feelings and desires. But, the concerns of persons who are disabled do not differ significantly from other individuals. They are first women and men, then disabled.

As in most disability issues, we tend to focus more on what we can see with our eyes.

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Sex and Disability: How Would It Change Your Life?