Omega and Daniel Craig Team Up to Support Eye Care Mission




See full press release at link below.

OMEGA and Daniel Craig team up to support eye care mission

Actor News – 29-01-11
Omega has announced that it will work in cooperation with actor and brand ambassador Daniel Craig to support ORBIS International and its Flying Eye Hospital in the fight against preventable blindness. A special watch – the Hour Vision Blue – has been created to celebrate the partnership, and OMEGA has guaranteed that at least one million U.S. dollars from its sale will be donated to ORBIS, an organization which delivers eye care to some of the world’s most remote and developing regions.




Preventable blindness is a funny term. It’s almost metaphysical. But helping people at risk of losing their sight retain their vision is an incredibly laudable enteprise and that Omega  and James Bond are supporting ORBIS International is unambiguously good news.




0 thoughts on “Omega and Daniel Craig Team Up to Support Eye Care Mission

  1. I hope ORBIS will put Los Angeles on their list of “most remote and developing regions” to visit. Rural Area America ( visited us in August 2009, and set-up an 8-day medical treatment center at the Inglewood Forum, a sports arena where the Lakers formerly played. They were SWAMPED with patients.


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