Universoul Circus and Elephant Juice

Ring Master, Universoul Circus Hip Hop Big Top Contortionists Universoul Circus



Yesterday I went to Tampa, FL to see the Universoul Circus in the company of writer Nancy Barber. Nancy knows a good deal about the circus and she’s a devoted fan of Universoul, which you may guess from its name is an all Black circus. There we were, under the Big Top, sitting in the disability seats just twenty feet from the edge of the ring. (I actually got hit with elephant snot, yes, a first in this go around at life….) 


Universoul is the Hi-Hop Big Top and if you ever get a chance to see it you must instantly phone in sick at the Widget Company and grab your friends and lots of kids and go.


I did get up and leave when they had the tiger act. We were sitting only a few feet away and my guide dog Nira stuck her head up and began sniffing wildly. Then a near tiger farted, a thing that caused Nira to to feel deeply commissioned as we say in academia. Sensing that we could become a disagreeable headline man and dog went outside the tent for a little while.


I must now head to my works and days and cannot hold forth about the wonders of this altogether marvelous circus but I will say that the Universoul Circus brings humane and human values back to the Big Top and it’s a jiggy show!



0 thoughts on “Universoul Circus and Elephant Juice

  1. I attended the circus in Atlanta, GA, on Saturday, February 12th, at 4:00pm. I must say I enjoyed the majority of the circus except for the acting troupe and the young and older couple’s demonstration of a song. My thoughts for a circus are the animal acts, acrobatics exhibitions, clowns and other circus demonstrations. I do not want to see, nor for my 4 year old granddaughter to see, a gun pointed to someone’s head and demonstrations of abuse. I do not want to see couples from the audience demonstrating their interpretation of a song, even if you say to them do not dance, you cannot control their gyrations. Therefore, as we were discussing after the show, we will go to the Atlanta Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey circus in the future until we have heard that you have changed your performances.


  2. When I was a little kid, a long, long time ago, one could still pass peanuts through the bars to the elephants at the L.A. Zoo. I was sneezed on by an elephant during a transaction, and, yes, blessing by elephant snot is something that is difficult to ever forget.


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