Ode to a Good Friend



The photo above is of my friend Eric Gnezda. Eric is the kind of person who, meeting someone for the first time, sees hope there before him instead of a face. Don’t get me wrong–he’s not a rag picking Christian. He’s no dime store evangelical. The guy is an American. This means that he’s crazy. He loves the Bill of Rights. Loves Thomas Jefferson’s political nobility. And sure, the poor sonofabitch is a Cleveland Browns fan. So he loves irony too. Why not? Being American doesn’t mean you have the right to success. It’s the land of underdogs as Jefferson had hoped. God bless the Three Stooges and Lieutenant Columbo. God bless Flippo the 1960’s TV clown of Columbus Ohio…

I hope you’ll visit Eric’s website. Everyone I know needs to be reacquainted with progressive sentiment in this mad nation. “Niinko?” as the Finns would say. “Isn’t it so?”