0 thoughts on “Where's My $400 Haircut, Mr. Edwards?

  1. No comments on, “But I believe that he and David Vitter should resign.”? What gives with that? My comment? I thought you’d never ask: “Yeah, SK, and while you’re at it, lob a rock in Hester Prynne’s direction, too.”


  2. Your cut seems a tad lop-sided, but perhaps this was the intended fashion statement? A place somewhere between the do-it-yourself and the $400 haircut is where most of us reside. The New Look Salon at Sunset & Alvarado can’t be beat. Terry cuts my hair without one whiff of hair spray — but if she ever closes shop, then what???!!!!


  3. I think we should set up a chip-in to get you that haircut! Take before and after photos and vote on the results. It would be a lot more fun than reading about Anthony Weiner’s twittering.


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