Hooray for Sally Labrador


Sally Labrador, seen above, has just been certified by the Delta Society as a "Read with the Dogs" canine assistant–she's ready to work with kids in public schools. Sally spends a lot of time with readers and writers in Iowa City where her mom Jeanette directs the Iowa City of LIterature non-profit arts organization. We are pleased to be a part of Sally Labrador's fan section!



0 thoughts on “Hooray for Sally Labrador

  1. Jack’s in training right now. Hope you’ll post his phabulous photo when he graduates. Congratulations to Sally and her owner!


  2. Awwww! She’s so cute! I think this program is brilliant, & being a retriever, I’m sure she could fetch some good books! One question, though- why not title this post “Reading Goes To The Dogs- Literally”? Speaking of dogs & reading, did you know that some Standard Poodles are so smart that they’ve learned to read and are being trained as service dogs for non-verbal people? The person types a command for the Poodle onto a computer screen, & then the Poodle reads it & performs the command- turning lights on or off, picking up dropped objects, opening drawers, fetching desired objects, & they can even call 911 when their human partners need help.


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