Return of Scary White Thing

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There's no doubt that Whitey Bulger is the scariest big white thing since Moby Dick. Whitey is way scarier than that big white spider in Robert Frost's poem. Heck, he's even scarier than Kate Smith when you get right down to it. 


One day, playing a cerebral game with a pal, I said that you could reduce Melville's signautre novel to one line: "Always remember what's under the boat." The FBI might have done well with that proviso?



0 thoughts on “Return of Scary White Thing

  1. Good Gawd, now that I realize that Whitey Bulger could’ve been sitting at the next table as I sipped tea and munched on ginger teddies at Tudor House all these years, I’m just so thankful to have survived my happy, little trips to Santa Monica!


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