Finnish Study Finds PWDs are Underused Economic Force

Flag of Finland


Finland Employment Study Finds People With Disabilities Are Underused Economic Resource (YLE News) August 30, 2011 HELSINKI, FINLAND– [Excerpt provided by Inclusion Daily Express] As a group, the physically disabled are an underused, significant economic resource, according to a report released by the Sitra Finnish Innovation Fund and VATES Foundation. The implementation of work experience training programs for the disabled could help more people get long-term employment, Jukka Lindberg, Development Manager at VATES, said. Examples from England and Sweden show that work experience and training in the workplace significantly improves employment prospects. However, as a group people with disabilities often don't find their way into employment programs, and Lindberg said the reasons behind this roadblock will be looked at more closely. Entire article: Study: Disabled struggle to find work

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