Disability, Children, and Human Rights

As a blind child I was treated poorly in public schools on more than one occasion. Stories like this continue to outrage me. Abuses of all children occur in our schools but it's clear from the national evidence that kids with autism are targets for the Dickensian nut jobs who are allowed to enter classrooms across the country. S.K.  


Parent Advocates Confront District About Vinegar, Soap, And Exercise Punishments
(Katy Times)
October 3, 2011

KATY, TEXAS– [Excerpt provided by Inclusion Daily Express] Residents concerned about the treatment of special education students in Katy Independent School District asked for the board's consideration of an alleged case of abuse at Exley Elementary as evidence for a new plan of treatment of special education students. 

Leslie Phillips, board member of the National Autism Association and Katy Autism Support, described the dangers of using aversive intervention. 

"The vast majority of education and mental health professionals agree that these techniques are not therapeutic, evidence-based practices," Phillips said. "They are not an effective means to calm or teach children, and . . . cause loss of skills or regression." 

Phillips described the practices as overexertion on a treadmill and putting cotton balls soaked in vinegar and soap in the mouth of nonverbal, autistic students.

Superintendent Alton Frailey responded to the comments, describing the case in question as "not something we want to have in our school district."

Entire article:
'Aversive' procedures ruffle feathers in KISD

School uses vinegar to discipline children (The Imperfect Parent)



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